Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Here we are again, and it's time for another Not Me Monday! Check out the original Not Me Monday here:

Here are some things that I in no way, shape, or form would have EVER done this week:

1. Kevin and I would NEVER sit at a wedding reception and speculate whether or not the bride and groom together...previously. We do not buy into the gossip scene.

2. Before leaving school on Friday, I definitely did not glance under the heat lamp to see that my students' plants needed water before the weekend. I then did NOT decide to let them take their chances over the weekend, instead of filling them with water, because I was not going to spend one more minute there last week. I'm super teacher! I would never do that...

3. After urging Kevin for over a week to clean off the pile of his papers and mail on the kitchen table, I did not crack and toss it in the trash. I certainly did not think to myself that there was obviously nothing very important in there, considering it had not been touched in over a week.

4. I did not eat Cheese-It's for breakfast every morning this week. I did not justify it by telling myself that they were the DUOS kind of the two best flavors ever created.

5. I did not decide to reward my first graders who received no color changes all week long with a piece of candy on Friday. And if I DID do that, I WOULD NEVER take a small amount of pleasure and revenge in the tears that my color changers shed as they got passed up for candy. It wouldn't matter if these color changers were repeat offenders or not, I still wouldn't do it.

6. I would never find humor in the VERY SERIOUS tattles that my students write for me in the Tattle Book. And if you reference the previous post in argument, I will NOT claim that I did not write it.

7. I certainly did not turn off the election coverage at the point where Obama had 170 electoral votes and McCain only had 70. I am an American, I watch those things until the end. And I certainly did not go to bed the least bit dissappointed or worried about our future.

8. I did not cave into peer pressure and sign up to play in our church's Turkey Bowl football game. I then did not immediately regret it either, and I did NOT cross my name off of the list at the last minute and BEG my friend's husband to take my spot. I them did not relax on a blanket while WATCHING the Turkey Bowl today and play with latest favorite new thing to do.

9. When Kevin came up to me after the game, I did NOT try to use Nate (the most adorable baby ever) to convince him that we needed one of our own. I'm patient and I can wait until the time is right...

10. I did NOT just run out of Not Me ideas and decide to write this for number 10. I would never do that because I am not OCD on any level and I would be perfectly fine with only having nine items on my list.

What did you not do this week?


Liz said...

I'm with you on the OCD thing! I gave you a blogger award.. check out my site to receive it! You are an amazing writer and so funny..thanks for sharing your life as a teacher!

Michelle said...

You are hilarious! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Mandy and Jack said...

Funny as always. My name is under yours on McKmama's Mr. Linky!! How funny.