Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Funny stuff and an update

Some funny stuff from today:

Jake: "Mrs. White, you look handsome today."
D: "Handsome is for boys. Beautiful is for girls. Handsome boys, beautiful girls."
Jake: 'Yes, girls are beautiful. They are beautiful girls. Except for not when they go to high school. Then they're not beautiful girls; they're HOT CHICKS."

Later in the day I was trying to calm a little girl down whose feelings were hurt by a boy in my class. Nothing was working, so finally I explained to her that sometimes boys were just stinky and mean. I told her that even Mr. Kevin was stinky and mean sometimes, but that I still loved him - just like she is still friends with the boy. That seemed to work and finally I got her back in the class. Less than an hour later she came back to me and said "Mrs. White, you know how you said that sometimes boys are stinky and mean? Well you forgot a big thing. They are also very MESSY."

Then at the end of the day we were doing a community circle where the kids all get to share something as we pass around "Tickles the Tiger." We had some extra time, so we went around again with a free share. When is was J's turn, it got hilariously funny! He is not one of my kids who acts silly or is attention seeking, so his statement was completely serious:
J: "Mrs. White, is it okay if I tell the class about my really scary dream about the monkeys?"
Me: "Sure, J."
J: "Okay (takes a deep breath). These really scary little monkeys were chasing me. They were like (begins beating his chest, wiggling his eyes back and forth and making himself crosseyed, and hooting and hollering). Then they were slapping themselves like (continues to do all of the above, but takes random slaps at his own face).
(At this point, I am already beside myself, laughing so hard I have tears streaming down my face. I looked around the circle to see how the other kids were reacting, but they were just staring intently at J, enthralled in this truly horrifying dream, lol).
J: "Then I woke up before the eated me."

For the rest of the day every time I thought of J's dream reinactment I busted into laughter again.


It has been such a long time since I've written and I apologize. I hav been finishing my first course of grad school, buying a new car, and having my laptop reimaged. My laptop crashed last week (with all of my Lamar courseware and a ton of documents on it). Luckily I had backed up enough of my files to not be completely devestated. I spent most of last week waiting to have it fixed and then this week so far getting all of my programs and documents back. It was a pretty big hassle, but it's all okay now!

And what about this new car, you ask? Yes, we just bought my Mazda in 2007. The problem is, the Mazda is just not big enough for us, our dogs, and the family we plan to hae in the future. Right now GMC is offering 0% interest for 60 months, so we went to look at my dream SUV: a GMC Acadia in White Diamond paint with titanium leather. And what do you know, we found a great deal! Not only did we get 0%, we got a considerable amount off of the invoice price of the car. Kevin tried to find a deal to beat it, but no other dealerships would even come close; we got really lucky. I am SO in love with my new car! It rides smooth, it's beautiful, and it's got some really great features - like OnStar, bluetooth for handsfree calling through my car speakers, and a back-up camera and sensors that appears in half of my rear view mirror when the car is in reverse. Anyway, I love it. I havent taken any pictures of mine yet, because the dealership is finishing the make-ready and we will pick it up tomorrow. It wasn't done already because I've been driving the car for the last 5 days as a demo.

I can't think of anything else right now, but know anyone who wants to buy a 2007 Maxda CX-7? ;)

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