Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pedi-Paws test-run

My parents recently gave us the Pedi-Paws nail buffer that they had purchased to use on their 129 pound yellow lab. It wasn't strong enough to file his tree-trunk like nails, so now my dad just uses his Dremmel on him, no joke.

So anyway, we tried it for the first time today. It worked beautifully on Tex, which is nice because he has dark black nails and sometimes we accidentally clip too close and make him bleed, since we can't see through his nails.

Then it was Bella's turn. In case you didn't know, Bella is extrememly dificult when it comes to nail care. Just take our your clippers and watch my sweet-mannered, cuddly, adorable chihuahua turn into a teeth-showing, biting, growling, snarling beast. I thought the Pedi-Paws would work well since I think what scares her the most is the sound of the clippers well, clipping.

It was even worse with the mechanical sound that the machine makes! She was absolutely terrified. I could tell because when she gets scared her whole body gets really warm and limp. Once I realized that it obviously was not going to work, I got out the regular clippers and attempted to do it the old-fashioned way. GREAT NEWS! Bella was so relieved that I put the Pedi-Paws away that she didn't even fuss about the nail clippers! It was the quickest, easiest nail clipping she has ever had!

So, in conclusion, I salute the Pedi-Paws. It made clipping one dog's nails faster and safer, as advertised. And it scared our other dog senseless, making her appreciate the quieter, smaller clippers that we will continue using on her. Either way you look at it, the Pedi-Paws helped us out today.

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