Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Biggest House Update Yet - and close to the last!

The last few days have been absolutely crazy! They have done so much at the house!

Yes, I was talking about the house when I said things have been crazy. Never mind the three straight days of testing (Math TAKS, Reading TAKS, Informal Reading Inventory and DIBELS). And the fact that my students have actually only been learning for 7 weeks out of the year - the seven weeks that I have been there. Consequently, it has been a very stressful week. Not to mention the fact that in the midst of the stress of the last two weeks I have received two formal (documented)"walk-throughs" and an hour long formal teaching appraisal - at a new school, new principal, new students. My appraisal was last Tuesday, a week before TAKS! Luckily, it went well and I got a perfect score! I'm afraid I am not so much anticipating my students to accomplish the same :(

Anyway, I wrote this entry to discuss the house!!!

Kevin was working late, but when I went on Tuesday, we had carpet! Bella loves to rub her entire body all over it!

Then when we went on Wednesday, it was AMAZING! They were busy little bees over there that day, for sure!

We had kitchen appliances and a faucet:

We had framed mirrors in the powder room and master bath:

And MY TUB CAME! I have been waiting for this:

We also got our stair ballesters (sp?). Bella loves them!

They also hung our dining room chair rail:

And gave us a nice front door:

They also painted the first coat of our game room:

Also that day, we got window screens, completed light fixtures, ceiling fans, electric outlet and light switch covers, and locks on interior and exterior doors. They also painted our garage door and finished the last coat of our exterior paint.

Today was also a very fun day! They finished our custom paint!

Here is our powder room, a deep purple called True Love - and it is true love!!!

Our dining room and living room have brick red accents, called Cedar Chest:

We also have a brown accent wall in our bedroom:

And here is the completed game room. It's called Cress Green, and again, I love it:

The heat and air inspectors were there when we were this evening beginning what will be a long line of inspections on the house. There are very few things left to be done other than that. It is really starting to look like home! We'll close three weeks from tomorrow.

Thanks so much for being excited with us, and for bearing with my excessive amounts of pictures and updates about the house. It is just pretty much the most fun and exciting thing we have ever done!


Sandra said...

I love...Love...LOVE the colors!!! You did a great job!! Can't wait to see it!

Meagan White said...

We would love for you to come and see it once we move in, Sandra! We love you :)