Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Weekend With My Family!

This weekend Kevin and I traveled our (now extremely short) drive to Bryan to stay with my grandparents at their house outside of town. My mom, dad, sister, and her boyfriend met us there for a fun weekend.

We spent most of the day Saturday down at my grandparents' land, riding 4 wheelers and getting muddy, and then ate hamburgers for lunch. Here are some 4-wheeling pics:

Kevin and me

My mom and dad

Lindsay and Nick

It was so muddy!

Grandaddy and Granny drive the Ranger, usually with a lot of us in the back!

Then we took some silly pictures in the bluebonnets :) Not a WORD about my pink boots. I wear them while I ride 4-wheelers to protect me from the mud. Plus, they occasionally aid me in catching a delicious bass.

It seems as though we always find an adventure down there. Last time we rescued some buzzards trapped in an old deer stand. This time we found a log to move off of the road.

Later that evening we got cleaned up and went into town to eat at Mr. Gatti's. Then this morning Grandaddy cooked us a great breakfast and we headed home. We are REALLY loving that short drive since we now live in Houston!

I love my family :)

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