Monday, April 26, 2010

Hi, family and friends!

I haven't updated lately about our house because, well, not much has been happening! We are at that stage near the end where everything slows down due to inspections, ordering of products, and scheduling of speciality workers. However, due to requests from both dads and other family members, we decided it was time for an update :)

Since I last updated almost 2 weeks ago, just a few things have changed, but they have been exciting!

We got our granite kitchen countertops and I love love LOVE them:

The same day, we also got our silestone countertops in the master bath:

Also, they put in the standard marble ones upstairs, but I didn't actually take pictures of those.

The next day we had our backsplash! This was a very exciting day, since it was the first time we were able to see our kitchen selections come together:

I am so happy to see that the colors in the countertops perfectly blend the colors of our tile, our backsplash, and our cabinets (pats self on back)!

Then came the lighting and plumbing, which is still not entirely finished:

Powder Bath Lights:

One of the upstairs bathrooms (they look the same to me):

The shower the in the master:

Master sinks and lights:

Looking toward the front door from the living room:

Light in breakfast area (there is a larger version of the same light in the formal dining, but for some reason I didn't take a picture):

I'm still waiting on my excellent tub!!!

Also, they finished working on the air conditioner. They put in all of the vents and installed the upstairs and downstairs thermostat.

They also installed our alarm keypad and finished our base paint and trim.

Okay, maybe they've done more than I thought.

Still on the list:
-Formal dining chair rail
-Custom paint (powder room, fireplace wall, formal dining, master, game room)
-Exterior paint - last coat
-Last light fixtures and ceiling fans
-Built-in Appliances
-Staircase railing
-Top-to-Bottom cleaning

And then we'll be done!


Sharon Cooper said...

Hey Sweetie! I love your new home. Your selections are perfect! I can't wait to see it in person!!!

Sandra said...

I LOVE the kitchen colors and they do blend very well! Thanks for the update...I do check every few days. It makes me almost feel like I am sharing this experience with ya'll. Excited for you!