Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Buzzard Whisperer

Howdy, all! (Read on for a story about the "Buzzard Whisperer")

Spring Break has been wonderful, but I am sad to admit that it is over now. As always, since I was a little girl, it has come and gone too quickly.

My break started right after work last Friday when my parents came to visit. We had a great weekend together and then I went home with them for the week. During the week I did a project that I have been wanting to do for a long time: I went through my grandmother's recipes and typed up all of my old favorites, and then scrapbooked them into a cookbook to bring home. I am so excited to cook some of my favorite foods from when I lived back home!

I also finished my second course of grad school, which means that I am ahead for 3 weeks, which is nice. I also logged 5 more of my 38 activities for my internship plan. I'm feeling pretty good about that stuff! On Thursday evening I got to spend some long-overdue time with my best friend Emily. We go way back to the second grade when I moved to San Antonio. Even though we went our separate ways for college, our friendship survived. She's that friend that I could go a year without talking to (not that I would want to) and then pick right back up like no time had passed at all! That's what I love about her :)

I ended the week by traveling to Bryan with my family to visit my grandparents and meet Kevin to pick me up. We spent all day Saturday riding 4 wheelers through the mud and getting hideously muddy, swinging on vines, hunting hogs, finding wishing rocks, and rescuing buzzards...which brings me to my story:

The Buzzard Whisperer
Once upon a time a family was riding 4 wheelers around and they came upon a deer stand, which at first glance was empty. Then they noticed two HUMONGOUS birds flying around inside, trapped. The windows fold inwards and they were able to fly in but not back out.

So all 11 of us sat and speculated for quite some time about how to free them. First we tried to shove a stick through the window to hold it open. My dad and grandaddy got the two sides propped up.

We all drove our 4 wheelers back far away, turned them off, and waited silently. The buzzwards did not come out. Maybe they were too weak and tired. Or maybe it was the 4 people that we banging sticks around the metal stand trying to "encourage" them to fly out. Maybe.

So anyway, nothing happened. Finally my mom decided to climb the ladder, reach in, and unlock the door to the stand. As she walked across the field, we had a bunch of "tips" for her. My Uncle Larry instructed her to "remember not to lay too still if she got knocked down the ladder." Get it? Buzzards? My dad commended her on being "The Buzzard Whisperer," as she stood back and sweetly pleaded with the buzzards to free themselves after unlocking their door.

They stayed cowering in the corner, giving my sister an opportunity to snap this picture. I was the lookout, meaning I was going to scream and run in the opposite direction if the buzzards charged at her.

We finally gave up and them and continued our 4 wheeling adventure, but when we checked back later they were gone. So that's the end of the buzzard rescue story.

Later we rode over to the HUGE pine tree, which is my favorite tree ever. It is seriously the biggest tree I have ever seen. Here's a couple of pictures (please disregard the fact that I look like a complete hick - we were in the country!!!"

We had a big catfish fry for dinner and the food was amazing. Finally, I was able to snap a few pictures of Bella in the bluebonnets just before the sun set.

I know, it's corny to take pictures of your dog in flowers. Anyway, Kevin and I headed back to Flower Mound this morning. We got back, unpacked, detailed my car, cleaned the house, and started laundry. That's the point at which my old washer (which has been threatening to give out during any load), did. Kevin and I got our washer and dryer used a couple of years ago and have been stretching them as long as they would last, and today the washer cleaned it's last load. Well actually it SOAKED it's last load, and then left it floating in the tub.

We bought an LG front-loading washer and dryer set, which will be delivered on Wednesday. Let's hope my three loads of laundry can wait until then! I am soooo excited. Does that make me completely domestic? Oh well.

So back to school tomorrow! I need to get to bed so I can be physically and mentally ready. Have a wonderful week!

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