Friday, March 27, 2009

10 Reasons this Long Week Was Still Great

1. We are studying Geometry in math, and it is the most fun subject of the entire year! Here are some pictures of a couple of the fun activities we did this week:

We cut out pictures of three dimensional shapes and made posters with them:

We also used tangrams, which I have always loved! I had the kids make the patterns beside the papers as an added challenge. They LOVED it, and it is so nice to see them working so well together in groups!

2. We took the Geometry test today and EVERY SINGLE ONE of my first graders got a 4 on it! (That's at least 90%). I am so proud of them!

3. I had this today on my desk when I got to school:

4. I got a new front-loading washer and dryer, which is absolutely amazing! And I got all of our laundry done, which is also actually pretty amazing.

5. I get to talk openly about moving up to third grade next year, since it's official! Oh wait, you didn't know? Yep. I'm moving up to third and I'll have my kids from last year again next year. There's this very special little boy who I worked really well with last year and he is my favorite kid on the planet. I got to tell him and his mom yesterday afternoon and it was so exciting! He'll be in my class and that's good news for all of us. He told his mom on the way home that day "I've waited for this day for two years!" The next morning he asked her if it was for real or if it had just been a dream. How sweet is that? How can that NOT make me happy?

6. Wednesday after work I got a bee in my bonnet to organize things. So I cleaned out and organized my pantry, kitchen, utility room, guest room closet, and office. I spent almost 3 hours working on it and I got rid of 7 bags of junk!

7. Thursday night was Open House at school, and I had a great turnout. I had 18 of my 21 kids show up with their parents! They were so proud to show off their hard work, and I was too! I had laid out a bunch of our games and activities for them to teach their parents, bound and placed their America books on their desks, hung a bunch of songs around the room for them to sing to their parents, and prepared a scavenger hunt for the kids to go through with their parents. Of course I didn't get to snap any pictures of my room DURING Open House, because it was like a swarm of locusts entered at 7pm, but here are some pics from before:

8. Today was a fantastic day. My kids were hilarious. 'Jake' got in a big fight with the pencil sharpener and yelled at it because it wasn't "listening to him." Then he tattled on it to me, saying that "that dumb thing won't even do what I tell it. It needs to use better listening ears but it's too clogged up with scraps to be able to hear." I also discovered one of my boy's writing samples was extrememly politically incorrect. It said:

"I'm proud to be American because if I was Chinese or Japanese I would speak like this "cho cho chicooka cho." And that would be very very very weird. Also other countries usually start lots of wars. And we have NO more slavery. And also we have a lot better food."


9. We had an assembly today at which Ronald McDonald came to talk to K-2 about not bullying and making friends. One of my girls got chosen to go on stage and, subsequenntly, I did too. Right after I had finished telling Tracey about how I was a little freaked out by the guy. So we had to play this game where I kept losing (it was TOTALLY rigged, BTW, lol). All of the kids thought it was HILARIOUS. Especially when he stuck the "bully" - a foam circle with a mean face on it - on my back and then made me look for it. Nice. It was still fun, though. And my kids were highly excited about me being on stage, so it was worth the humiliation.

10. After school today we had Girl Talk for the 5th and 6th grade girls. We do this every Friday in the Spring, and we always have a fun activity planned for each meeting. The point is to help the pre-adolescent girls prepare for and deal with the issues involved with growing up. Today we brought in a hip-hop dance instructor to speak and then teach us a routine. It was awesome! And since I used to dance in high school, I picked up on it pretty quickly. So then all of the girls thought I was cool and were talking about my mad skills. Because you know, it's very important to be cool amongst the 5th and 6th graders....yeah.

So there you have it: 10 reasons that this long and difficult week was still great! Oh wait...

and 11. I got paid today. Can't forget that one.

11 great reasons to be happy. I hope you can think of AT LEAST 11 reasons why your week was fantastic! Have a wonderful weekend :)

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