Friday, March 6, 2009

Tantrums, Vomit, and Murder Threats...Oh my!

That was my day today. Between Jake and T, they were sent into the hall 9 times today. And I don't just send them into the hall for anything. They must really be harming others and/or disrupting my class by screaming or crying to be sent into the hall. Jake was in rare form today. My favorite tantrum was probably the one where, because he got a color change for being disrespectful, he threw himself out of his chair and onto the floor. From there, he proceeded to lay on his back with his knees bent behind him, arch his back, thrust his pelvis into the air, and screech out like a dying cow.

Then a little while later K kicked another student in the butt while walking down the hall, and then told that student that he wished he had a knife so he could kill him. What??? So of course he got a color change. He then slammed his little body as hard as he possibly could onto the rug (after punching my color chart), beat his hands on his legs, shook with anger, and stared daggers into me. Then he punched his right hand into his left repeatedly while he stared at me and said "I wish I was a MURDERER."

Oh great. Murder threats from 7 year olds - exactly what my life has been missing.

After I had ALMOST made it through the entire day, it was time to pack up. 10 minutes left in the day. I was home free, right? WRONG. While the kids were in the hall getting their backpacks one of my boys ran into the classroom yelling "A puked in the hall! A puked in the hall!!!" Wonderful. I went out and looked, squinting my eyes behind my fingers (I hate throw-up so much). Yep. Definitely large amounts of throw up right outside my doorway, between mine and Emily's students' lockers - where they were all trampling around. So we got all of that taken care of and ended up the day.

It may have been a bad day today, but I had a wonderful day on Wednesday. Now I know that my class is capable of that, and I am praying for more days like Wednesday and NO MORE like today! And plus, there are only 57 days left of school anyway :)

After school we headed over to a teacher's house for "milkshakes" and to wind down after the long week of TAKS testing and what-not. It was really fun, and I truly enoy hanging out with the ladies from my school. They are a really special group of friends! We had to leave there shortly after 6pm because the hostess had dinner reservations, but we took the party to another friend's house. When all was said and done, happy "hour" lasted almost 5 hours. Bliss.

So the day ended on a happy note and, really, that's all I really ask for.

I hope you all have a great weekend. My plans are to watch TV, cuddle with my husband, watch more TV, eat, and sleep in as much as possible. No more, no less. If there was ever a week that called for a lazy weekend, it's this one!

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Mandy and Jack said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

I'm so glad I'm not a teacher. I will just pray for you.