Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Butt Sniffer - part 2

I usually don't find time to blog during the week because I'm too busy, but today was too good to pass up!

Some of you may remember the time that I had to sniff my students' butts to determine who had peed in their pants. Well as it turns out, I have a prodigy. My very own 'Jake' has decided to follow in my butt-sniffing footsteps.

Today I picked my kids up from PE and was told that 'Jake' had touched and sniffed E's butt during a game. You may remember the time he sniffed her hair at the water fountain. Well apparantly he has escalated to full pervert mode.

I took my kids back to class and sent all of them in to sit on the rug except for him. Here is the little convo that we had in the hall:
Me: "What did you do in specials today that was innapropriate?"
Jake: (looking dramatically guilty) "I sniffed E's...uh...shirt."
Me: "Oh. I heard something different. Did you sniff her shirt, or did you sniff her BOTTOM?"
Jake: (hesitates)"B."
Me: "B stands for bottom, right?"
Jake: "YESSSSSSSS! (falls to the floor)I'm a LOSERRRR!!!!(grabs head in both hands, collapses into a tiny ball, and sobs loudly).

And that's the story of the butt sniffer. Have a great night.

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