Monday, March 2, 2009

How could this NOT make my day???

Last week I had a couple of very rough days. My kids were as out-of-control as I have ever seen them. They were being disrespectful, disruptive, and downright annoying! I came into my classroom Friday morning and found this note in my basket:

(click on it to see it larger so you can read it)

Right then, it was all worth it. That made my week, actually. I added this to my HABD (Had A Bad Day) folder, which another teacher from school suggested to me a while back. I have things like encouraging notes from parents and cute letters from kids in there. I have to be pretty selective so that I don't over-fill it, considering I get at least a couple of pictures a day!
Today I had my lunch date with T. It was so much fun! We have a little pact that if he makes it through a whole week with 2's (perfect) on his behavior clipboard, then I will eat lunch with just him in my classroom the following Monday while watching a movie. Last week was the first time that he did it! I thoroughly enjoy my time with each of my students one-on-one, but especially with him. He's like a little grown up trapped in child's body, and he is so interesting to talk to. I didn't think I would enjoy my cafeteria lunch that I ate while sitting criss-cross on my rug with a 7 year old, watching Charlie Brown. I'm glad to say that I was wrong!
Some funny stuff from today:

1)A conversation I overheard while the kids were doing their March calendars this morning:
K: What does Spring Break even mean anyway?
A: It means no school.
K: But what does it MEAN?
A: Hmmm. I know! It means that it's SPRING, and Mrs. White gets a BREAK from us!
...Amen, sista!

2) T informed me that he once found a 4-leaf clover. Apparantly he had good luck for 2 weeks, until it "shriveled up and died."

3) While working with D during tutoring this afternoon we had this conversation, during which he was completely serious:
D: I looked on your desk for very dangerous things, but there were none.
Me: What kind of dangerous things?
D: Like super dangerous bombs, or huge guns, or other explosive things.
Me: Oh....ok...well thank you for doing that.
D: And also in your purse. No guns in there.
Me: Why would you think I had guns in my purse?
D: It's a good thing to be sure.
Me: Ok....well.... thank you for keeping our classroom safe. I appreciate it....
The Tattle Book has somewhat died out, which I guess is an indicator of a decrease in tattling, and thus a good thing. However, it is sad because I got so much personal enjoyment out of it! Here are a few new posts:

1)D was men to us to A and A. and D tuk A pesl and he tuk all of the cntrs. in math. an THAT IS A PROMISE. From A and A. (there is a large crying face drawn by their names). D has written under it: "PS: This is wrong."

2) I wen and I wus talkn and T mad a fist at me and tld me to hush.

3) O and A were ooooo! Me and A but O do this to me ooooooo!

4) By D 2/26/09 ----------> (I like the date) "G said that I was the meanest in the world. G told me not to copy her and then she looked at my own paper!"

Unfortunately, that is it for the Tattle Book.

I am currently watching The Bachelor finale with one of my good friends, and I love it!!!!

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