Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Letters to the President

This morning we wrote letters to our new President. Some of them were so funny/creative/interesting that I had to share them with you. Our writing is really coming along, so I think I'll leave out the translations, as I think you can actually decipher most of it now.

A crush on Michelle Obama
Dear President Obama,
Im glad that your our new president. You are the best in the warld. you live in the United States or Mexico.

Frome 'Jake'

Ps - you look hot Michelle.

Did you mean that?
Dear President Obama,
Its glad you are preident of the United States of America. My name is (E). My school is called (name of our school). I live in Dallas. Do you want to come visit me. Are you in the white house? Mr. Obama I like you win you do the promise. Did you ment to say that? so I want to you come to my school.

Frome E.

A Big Trampoline
Dear President Obama,
Have you ever been to Nantucket? If you could go anywhere in the wold where would you go? For spring break my family can go eney where. I haev a puppy his name is Lizzy. I will play five times a day with my puppy. It would be so cool if everything was a big trampleen. I think about weerd things like that. Ha! Ha!

Sinseerily, A.

Poisonous Frogs
Dear President Obama,
what is your new puppys name. Wich kind of puppy are you geting. I am so glad you are America's new president. When you go on your privet plane were are you going? If I was the president I would go to Egept. What are your daughters names? Do you like posens frog's? you are going to be a good president. Are you going to share your privet plane with your family?

Love E.

As good as Abe Lincoln (this one is SO SWEET)
Dear President Obama,
I know you are going to be as good as Abe Lincon. What are your daughter's names? I'm in first grade just like one of you daughters. What kind of puppy are you going to get. Martin Luther King would be so proud of you if he was alive. I promise. My phone number is ( ). And my address is ( ) zip code ( ). See you later.

From A.
PS: I think you should get a chihuahua.

You're Good Too.
Dear President Obama,
you are the best I vot for Jon Makan but dot worre you are good to. Are you haveing fun at your new hose? I bet you are. I live in Texas. I no that you are nis wut are you going to do thar? Can you some tim come to texas. I bet you come. Did you no that I am the fastist boy?

From #1 fan S

So are those good or what?

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Mandy and Jack said...

Those are so funny!!! I love how his "number one fan" "vot for Jon Makan!" Hilarious.