Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years and Other Misc.

Kevin and I just finished cleaning our house and my absolutely FAVORITE thing in the world is to sit down in a freshly clean house with like 10 candles lit all over the place making it smell good. So as I write, this is what I'm doing. Bliss.

I have seriously been Suzy homemaker the last several days, which is pretty out of character for me. I've been cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry like a madwoman. I even made a MEAL PLAN for the week and then shopped accordingly, so I can prepare my PLANNED meals. I never cook! What's my deal, you may ask? Well Kevin and I have formed a little agreement, which is just between us for now, but lets just say I'm pretty motivated to be a great wife. ;)

Last night I let Tex and Bella out to go to the bathroom and they started barking at the dog next door, trying to stir something up, as usual. Bella thinks she's a big shot - a six pound big shot. When the barking started getting loud and angry, I opened the door and called for the dogs. Tex came running but Bella did not; this is not unusual when she's into the barking thing. Then I heard the most awful sound ever. The neighbor dog was growling meanly and Bella was crying out in fear/pain (I had no idea what it was). I bolted outside and tried to find her in the dark. She had slipped through the fence and was in the other yard, and she didn't know how to get back through! It was SO SCARY knowing she was in that yard with the mean dog. I stuck my hand through the hole on the end of the fence (which she had knocked the bricks out of) and she jumped on my hand. I pulled her back through and closely examined her. Luckily, she was not hurt anywhere; her cries had just been out of fear. It still scares me when I think about it, but hopefully she learned her lesson and she won't do it again.


Kevin and I returned home from Houston on Friday after celebrating New Year's there with friends. We had such a fun time! We went in on Wednesday and saw a few people. Then we changed and got ready for the night. We ate at La Hacienda in a HUGE, fun group. Then we went back to the house we were staying at to party there for a while with everyone. From there, we headed to a little bar to bring in the New Year. We WERE their business for the night, haha. It was really fun and Kevin and I so enjoyed spending time with such great friends. These are the guys that Kevin went to high school (a some of them college as well) with. All of their wives are amazing and I genuinely enjoy spending time with them.

We woke up on Thursday and had lunch at Chuy's, our favorite Mexican food restaurant ever. Then we hung out all day on the couch. The guys were watching football and the girls were drinking Mimosas and chatting. We partied again on Thursday night, then got up and came home on Friday. Here are some pictures!

Our end of the table at dinner:

The whole group at dinner:

At the house:

The whole group at the bar (in case you were wondering, Kevin is blocking me out with his arm):

The girls:

Kevin and I with Ryan and Ashley:

The boys singing Karaoke:

And the girls singing:

Kevin and Me:

Our NY Kiss - sorry everyone :)

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