Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not Me Monday!

After skipping too many in a row, I'm ready for some Not Me Monday therapy, courtesy of MckMama! Here are some things I did NOT do this week, and even if I HAD done them, I would NOT write about them for all of you to read!

1. I did NOT, for the first time since I created my blog, go an entire week without posting. This is certainly NOT because I am working 50+ hours a week plus the 7 hours of commuting, putting in 12 hours a week toward my M.Ed, and maintaining my New Year's Resolution of being a better housewife (even though I'm OBVIOUSLY not a housewife) and cooking dinner each night. I am NOT concerned that, for the next 18 months, my schedule will allow me next to no free time.

2. I did NOT decide to be more organized when completing my first week's assignments for grad school, and save them in a folder other than the one created by the program on my desktop. I then did not upload my assignment (almost a week early, mind you - I'm so on top of things), without realizing that the document it was automatically uploading was coming from the empty folder and was nothing more than a template. I was not just lucky enough to discover this at 9pm Sunday night, exactly one hour before the deadline. I then was NOT freaked out when I couldn't re-submit the assignment and had to email my academic coach with it in an attachment instead. I am NOT paranoid that I have now made a bad first impression!

3. While eating lunch with Kevin yesterday, we did NOT discover that we were out of ranch for dipping our pizza rolls, which we DO NOT consider a necessity. We then did not proceed to scavenge through our fridge, only to find 2 little tubs of ranch from restaurants to share. We then did NOT both decide that one of the little tubs was better than the other, and proceed to fight over that one. I did NOT coach my husband on "proper dipping technique" in order to conserve the good ranch. We did NOT then start bickering over who got to finish the good ranch, which did NOT result in dropping it on the table upside down.

4. Even if number three HAD happened, I would never have rubbed my remaining pizza rolls in the good ranch, which was all over the table.

5. I did NOT go shopping for a new dress to wear to Kevin's annual awards banquet for work, which was a fun dinner and casino night at a very upscale country club. I did NOT choose to go shopping because I wanted a more "mature" dress, after deciding that 23 years old demands a more mature look. I did NOT find the perfect dress, only to discover that the pretty, puffy, toole-like stuff that was fluffing off of the top had come unstitched, and thus was not staying where it should have been. I then did NOT pay full price for it anyway, because I was desperate, and come home and stitch it myself. That would have been just ridiculous!

6. While getting ready for said party, Kevin and I did not completely forget how to tie a tie, which was unfortunately required for the event. We then did NOT have to get on YouTube and watch a tie-tying tutorial. I then did not have to tie the tie on my own neck, slip it over my head, and place it on Kevin. We are way too sophisticated for that nonsense.

7. After getting all dolled up in my new "mature" dress, which was very cute by the way, Kevin did not insult me. He did NOT tell me that I was "hotter than that dress," or that he was sad he wouldn't be able to show me off. I did not become instantly offended and Kevin did not have to spend the entire night telling me how beautiful and mature I looked to make things better.

8. Also at the casino night, I did NOT see one of my friends, a fellow teacher from my school, dealing blackjack at one of the tables. I was NOT overjoyed as we sat down to play at her table, because I DIDN'T even care ONE BIT that I don't know any of those golf guys. I don't need one of my own friends there to be happy. My friend then definitely did not proceed to "help me out" a little throughout the night. We all started with $2000 in chips and whoever ended with the most got to pick a prize off of the table first, then whoever was second, and so one. I did NOT only end up with 3700 in chips, and she definitely did NOT write my voucher for 7000. I then did NOT get to pick very early off of the prize table and get a $50 Kohl's gift card. Kohl's is NOT one of my faves. The planners of the party had NOT bought too many prizes, so they didn't start calling random people up to the table for seconds, thirds, etc. Kevin and I did NOT go home with the Kohl's card, a Papa's gift card, a tool set, and a Shiatsu back massage pillow with heat.

9. I am not already anticipating how wonderful that massager is going to feel after a long day at school with my favorite first grader named 'Jake.'

10. I take education seriously. I would have NEVER put off studying for my GRE until the night before, and then decided to CRAM as hard as I possible could. I then was NOT surprised when I saw words on the test that I had never seen before in my life. The fact that I did excellent on the math but stunk it up on the verbal has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that I chose not to study.

11. I am NOT absolutely overjoyed that I have tomorrow off for MLK day. I have only been back in school for two weeks since winter break, and I am not ALREADY needing more time off.

So what did you NOT do this week? Come on, leave a comment! I promise you won't regret it :)


Mandy and Jack said...

Oh gosh, you had me laughing with this one. I would TOTALLY have done the ranch thing!!!

Nico's Mom said...

I was definitely laughing at the ranch scenerio bc I have had a moment like that but only it was a smoothie from Smoothie King and there was a spoon involved!!!