Monday, January 12, 2009

Where do babies come from, Mrs. White?

Yes. I was asked that question, for the first time ever, today. After school Jake and I had this little convo:

Jake: Mrs. White, how come you're a wife but you don't have a kid?
Me: Jake, you can be married and not have children yet.
Jake: No you can't. When you're a wife you're supposed to have a kid.
Me: I will someday, Jake. I'll have a kid someday.
Jake: What will happen if your tummy gets really big and there's a baby in there?
Me: I'm sure that will happen.
Jake: Well how...well...Mrs. White, how would.... Um.....Okay. What about.... Okay. Let's say me and E (his first grade "wife") were married. Not now, but just someday. And belly was really big with a baby in it.
Me: Okay....
Jake: How did that baby get in there?

.........Long pause.................
Me: Well, I don't know because I've never had a baby in my tummy. Why don't you ask your mom? She's ahd three of them.



Emily said...

Nice dodge on that one! :) Gotta love a 1st grader. I think after 1st grade you couldn't get away with an answer like that.

Liz said...

way to think on your feet..I'm kinda surprised that was the first time it was asked of you!...I am so glad my first grader hasn't asked that question yet....I am defintely not ready for it!

txmommy34 said...

Good answer! I love to feign ignorance when Katelyn asks me uncomforable questions.
Just wait for that wonderful day down the road when you really are pregnant and the kids start speculating on how the baby's going to get out! I promise you will laugh til your sides ache over that one!