Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bella's Bathrobe; Handy Husband

Bella's Bathrobe

Handy Husband's Household Handiwork :)

Unlocked, Activated, and fully functioning (Tmobile) iphone

New and Improved (and actually ACCURATE) thermostat

Repaired water heater...with no mess!

New and installed indoor/outdoor wireless thermometer

Laundry Bar

Repaired and programmed garage door code thingy

Leaf bags waiting for bulk pickup (more under tv box)

Detailed Mazda (and F150 as well - but no pic)

Organized garage (and attic, but no pics of that)

House number (Okay, he paid a guy to do this, but he still took care of it)!

WOW....that is one Handy Husband! I'm glad he's mine :)