Saturday, December 13, 2008

Polar Express Pajama Day... and some funny stuff, too

Yesterday was our annual Polar Express Pajama Day at school. We all wore our Pj's, robes, and slippers. We read the book and watched the movie, and then compared and contrasted them. We also made and enjoyed hot chocolate and then wrote a sequencing paper about it. We had so much fun! And do you know what? Not one single, solitary student pulled a buzz card (warning) yesterday. That is super surprising because it was such an exciting day, yet it's the first time that has ever happened. Here are some pictures from our fun (and adorable) day:

I also happen to have some funny things to share with you. I know that you are all very surprised by that.

1. I was standing in the hall first thing in the morning waiting for the kids to make their way to their lockers and into the room. Emily's room is right next to mine and a little girl from her class was at her locker. She said "Mrs. White! My mom could NEVER come to pajama day!" When I asked her why, she ACTUALLY said "Because she doesn't have any pajamas to wear. When my mom goes to bed, she's just naked!"

2. After watching the movie, 'Jake,' who had been complaining all morning about having to watch The Polar Express because it is about Santa and he's Jewish, announced that it was "a BRAVO movie, full of JOYFUL music." I think maybe he's a future movie critic...or something.

3. After centers time, D came up to me very excitedly. He told me that he just started his "FIRST SCIENCE EXPERIMENT EVER!" D struggles in school and isn't exactly the type to take learning into his own hands, so I was interested about this project and I asked him to tell me about it. He took out one of those big glue stick tops from his desk, where is was stored ever so carefully. Inside, he had placed an old dirty crayon (thinking that ants might want to come eat it). Then he had poured elmer's glue all around it, filling up the cap. Now, I don't typically encourage playing with glue, but that was a pretty creative idea for a 7 year old! He had thought of a hypothesis and discovered a way to test it. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that there really needed to be some ants stuck in the glue on Monday; he needs that encouragement. So yes. After school Denise and I went out to the playground and she showed me an ant pile that her Kinders play in. I stirred them up and smashed three of them, then stuck them in the glue cap. Here's a picture of their white, sticky grave.

I really can't wait to see his reaction on Monday!


Last night Kevin and I went to his work Christmas party at a coworker's house. The guy has three cats, and is not really the best cleaner apparantly. In case you didn't know, I am pretty seriously allergic to cats. My throat feels like it gets really tiny and I can't stop coughing. Also, my eyes get itchy and I sneeze a lot. With all of the activities that the guys had planned for everyone, we were stuck there for almost four hours. By the time we left, I couldn't even breathe. It was miserable.

Tonight we have another Christmas party, though, which should be much more enjoyable. In fact, I'm going to go get started on my Monkey Bread for it right now!

I hope you're having a great weekend!

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