Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Get ready for another round of Not Me Monday - created by MckMama! !

Here are some things that I am ashamed that I did did NOT do this week!

1. I did not become hopelessly addicted to Facebook Scrabble. I did NOT justify this by deciding that I was being introduced to new words daily, thus improving my vocabulary for the GRE.

2. My husband did NOT, after wrapping up some scratch off tickets for a Secret Santa gift exchange, decide to put a DISCLAIMER in the box that stated "If your winnings are equal to or exceeding $100, I, as the purchaser, am entitled to half of them." I absolutely did not shame him for his lack of social grace and remove said disclaimer.

3. For said party, I did NOT take the easy way out and bring a no-bake cheescake. I did not justify my lack of effort with the fact that I had three Christmas parties three days in a row and had to bake for all of them.

4. Also at said party, I did NOT discover within 5 minutes of being in the house, that the people had cats. I am defintely not SERIOUSLY allergic to cat hair. And don't worry, because this house was NOT full of cat hair. I did not, upon my nose and throat closing up, start looking around the room for signs of cats. Then, the "psycho" music (eee-eeee-eeee-eee) did not play in my mind when I saw a cat toy in the corner. I did NOT have to suffer through 4 hours of this "party," and then it did NOT take me a full 24 hours to recover.

5. I did not put off making my Christmas cards for so long that they probably will not get done at this point. I do not feel really horrible about it. (Catch you next year!)

6. At Polar Express PJ day at school, I did not spend an entire day reprimanding my students for running and sliding on their feet or their knees in the hall, or for spinning in circles in their sliipery houseshoes. Then, after school, I positively did NOT try all of the above for myself, just to see what all the hype was about.

7. I did not go out onto the playground after school on Friday (in my PJ's) to hunt down three ants to make a student feel good about his "first science experiement EVER." I then did not CRUSH said ants and stick them into a gluestick cap full of liquid glue. I did NOT take pictures, and I did NOT post them here.

8. I did not order "El Grande Burrito" at lunch today because I watch what I eat. I then did NOT proceed to watch it as I ate the entire burrito single-handedly.

9. I am not absolutely JUMPING FOR JOY at the idea of Christmas break starting in just 5 DAYS!!! I also have not been counting down since 25 school days. That would just be silly. I live in the moment.

10. A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to the doctor for a sinus infection. Upon taking my blood pressure, she was NOT alarmed at how high it was (I've never had high blood pressure before, for real). She did not go on and on about how I was too young and at too healthy of a weight to be suffering from high blood pressure. I then did not inform her that I was a first grade teacher with a very challenging class, and it was the most challenging time of the year. She then did NOT look nervously at me and say how that could explain it, but if it was constantly that high, I might need to consider a career change. I did NOT laugh it off, but think...if even for a second...that she might be right.

...but then, I did NOT go back to work the next day, see my students so happy that I was back and okay, and write off all of those negative thoughts! :)

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txmommy34 said...

I sooo sympathize with the cat thing! Some people refuse to believe it's so serious, and that I just don't like cats, but it is really miserable! I am so proud of myself when I remember to keep some antihistamines in my purse for just those occasions. :)