Monday, December 22, 2008

Oreo Uh-oh

There is nothing better than a clean house. I have this obsession with getting my house spotless, lighting several candles all over the place, and sitting back and enjoying it. Kevin made me count my candles tonight, in an effort to make a point that I have a sickness. I have 48 candles. And no, they are not all lit at once. Only eleven are. Go ahead and judge.

All that having been said, probably my worst fear is a terribly dirty house. Namely a terribly dirty kitchen, which is precisely what I found myself with today.

You see, I had to make 150 oreo balls - 100 for Kevin's family Christmas and 50 for mine, which is considerably smaller. Making oreo balls seems deceivingly simple, since there are only 3 ingredients: oreos, cream cheese, and candy coating. However, it is no small task to crush up 4 packages of oreos into powder, mix them with softened cream cheese, roll them into 150 little balls, chill them, dip each ball into vanilla candy coating, then drizzle each one with chocolate. It is especially difficult when your blender (makeshift food processor) breaks after only two packages of oreos.

Allow me to tell my story with pictures.

Once upon a time there was a young lady who was very excited to make oreo balls for Christmas. Her puppies were excited too, at the prospect of catching a few scraps. They patiently waited on the rug.

After making two batches of the goo, her blender, in a complete lack of Christmas spirit, decided to break. It certainly had nothing to do with the fact that is was being used as a food processor, which it is NOT.

After only cursing the blender for a minute or so, the young lady decided to improvise and crush up the remaining two pounds of Oreos in ziplock baggies with a rolling pin. She soon discovered that she had only 4 ziplock baggies remaining, but decided to use them anyway. The bags ripped and blew Oreo crums everywhere, destroying her efforts to cook without dirtying the kitchen.

Oreo shrapnel was everywhere, but she kept on truckin'. She made it thorough the last two pounds of crushing and mixing, then carried out the rest of the recipe. Unfortunately, by the time she got to the dipping she was so tired that she did a terrible job. Crums, lumps, and drips were everywhere. So she decided to get back into her car and go BACK to Kroger for the third time today to get chocolate to melt and drizzle over the balls. She thought maybe this would disguise the mess. And she was right!

So there you have it, folks. Making Oreo balls is not easy task. But aren't they pretty?


Caroline Joy said...

Hi Meagan!

I'm a friend of Emily Barnes, and I was catching up with her tonight; we got to talking about teacher stuff and she just went on and on about how great and fun a teacher you were! She also mentioned that your blog was awesome, and, being a blogger myself (to the point of nerdy-ness), I wanted to come see your blog! I was so into all your funny classroom stories! :) I'm an Elementary Ed major (about to begin my student teaching semester). Anyway, I just wanted to say hi! :)

--Caroline Joy

Riss said...

Those look really good!