Thursday, December 11, 2008

funny stuff, tattle tails, and good news!

Hi guys,

I apologize ahead of time, because after previewing this post, I realize that it is ALL over the place.

It's been a crazy week. I apologize for my lack of blogging, but allow me to sum up my week in an incident that occurred today. This is to show you how there is always SOMETHING happening...never a peaceful moment. Today we were about to head out to recess. T decided that he shouldn't have to do the two minutes off that the whole class had earned by being unable to keep their mouths closed ALL DAY LONG. He started crying and throwing a huge fit. I warned him that if he didn't pull it together, he wouldn't be going to recess with us at ALL, especially since just an hour before he had had recess with his class. The screaming got worse, so I got on the phone to call his teacher and have him sent back to class so we could leave. By this time, my kids were standing in the hallway in their "lines" getting really talkative and crazy. T is stomping around, kicking things, and screaming. Then K threw up on the floor in the hallway. Yes. All in about 3 minutes. Welcome to my life.

Anyway, many funny things have been happening this week. I'll share the ones that have pictures accompanying them with you first. How's that?

"husband" and "wife" - 'Jake' and E on the field trip on Monday. (It is pretty darn cute, though, huh?)

This is my "new class pet," according to S. He made it for me at lunch today. It's a crab.

Me: "Take out your glue and your scissors."
En: (gasps loudly)
Me: "What's wrong, En?"
En: (runs up to me holding his glue box) "MY GLUE TAKED ITS OWN TOP OFF!!!!!"
His crayons were floating in white glue. This is after he had been cleaning it for 10 minutes. I guess I should have explicitly told him to take the crayons out before he cleaned it to make the job easier. I forget sometimes that they're only 6!

Some other funny stories:

-Speaking of glue, today I had to take 5 minutes out of my lesson just to teach my kids "proper gluing strategies." This is necessary in order to avoid huge globs of glue that never dry, soggy papers, and things being glued to desks "accidentally." I then spent the next 10 minutes walking around inspecting their gluing, saying to them: "Whoa. Are you using proper gluing strategies? Yeah. I didn't think so. Let's work on that." It's the little things...

-And more about the glue. One of my kids' favorite "table work time" songs is "The Rules Rap" by Dr. Jean. They think it's so cool. Today, S (who was one of the butts-glued-to-chairs culprits earlier in the year, said "I hope one of the rules is not to glue your bottom to a chair!!!"

-D was walking around my classroom while I was teaching (as usual). I have (sadly) resigned myself to the fact that this is just GOING to happen. He was making a really high-pitched buzzing sound, but the students and I were ignoring it (we're getting good at that). Then he got really close to my face after about 5 minutes, clapped his hands together very loudly, and stopped the buzzing sound. Then he said in his high, squeaky voice "I caught the fly!!!" Wow.

-After a heated debate between T (who celebrates Christmas) and 'Jake' (who celebrates Hanukkah), T declared that 'Jake' was a "moron" to not like Santa Claus, because "Santa invented Hanukkah."

-Speaking of Hanukkah, T (who again, does not celebrate Hanukkah), wrote in his journal about how Hanukkah was his favorite holiday: "Hanukkah is my favorite holiday because it has 8 days. In Hanukkah, I get to express myself, and that's all I need for myself. Let it last longer." I said "Hey T, I didn't know you were Jewish." He goes "I'm not. I just like Hanukkah."


And yes - I thought I would wait until next Tuesday, but while I'm in the blogging mood, I'm going to go ahead and share some

with you!

I know, it's not Tuesday. Like I tell my kiddos: "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"

1. D bit R in his reses.
translation: D bit R during recess.

2. Wel K wuz scerrrg O.
translation: Well, K was scaring O. (This must have been the day that someone (I guess who it was now) found my stripes book and teased 'Jake' with it until he hyperventilated.

3. S puted aycorns in his maf and spit them at me
translation: S put acorns in his mouth and spit them at me.

4. A was arguing with me and I did not like it one bit.

5. T is bad. <--------- this one speaks for itself!!!

6.S sed I wus loying wen I wus wriding in the tattle book by A.
translation: S said I was lying when I was writing in the tattle book, by A.

...AND my ALL-TIME favorite tattle....

7. S cold me a big fat ham brgr.
translation: S called me a big fat hamburger. <---------hilarious.

Today after school we had our holiday party and gift card exchange. It was so much fun! I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am to work at the school that I do with such awesome women. Tomorrow night we have a party with some of Kevin's coworkers, and Saturday night we have another one with some church friends. This time of the year sure is crazy, but I absolutely love it and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Good news... we had our district math benchmarks this week and the test was pretty challenging, but also fair. 95% of my class met the district standards (1 child didn't), and my class average was a 96%! I was so proud of them. It's so rewarding to walk around as they work on their tests and watch them showing their work and using their strategies just like I taught them. Some of you wouldn't believe some of the questions these first graders are having to answer! I showed Kevin a benchmark one time and it really surprised him. He said "Wow. I have to really THINK about this question. I didn't know first graders had to do this stuff." So there you have it. Those of you who think teaching first grade is "slapping a spongebob poster on the wall and babysitting for a year" are very wrong. And yes, I still hold a grudge about that. I dare you to come teach my class for a day.

...more good news. My rant is over now! That kind of came out of nowhere, so sorry. But once I type something I don't take it back. That's my rule.

...and even more good news. I got a scholarship for my first class to be free for grad school, starting in January! That's a savings of $415! I'm pretty pumped.
I'll definitely write about tomorrow, because it is our Polar Express Pajama day! We're all wearing pajamas, slippers, and robes to school. And yes, I will defintely be wearing pigtails. How can you have PJ day without pigtails?

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