Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Sticky Situation

Glue your bottoms in your chairs and don't move unless it's an emergency!!!!

....That's just a saying, right?

....Yeah. Well tell that to my two first graders who decided to ACTUALLY glue their bottoms to their chairs today!

It must have been during centers, while I was stepping back and forth between the classroom and the hall, where I was giving a make-up test to two children. The boys thought it would be a good idea to empty an entire bottle of elmers evenly onto their two chairs. We're not talking a dot or two, people. This was PUDDLES of glue. The unfortunate thing is that I never noticed what they were up to.

I didn't notice when they SAT on the glue. I didn't notice when they tried to clean the glue off of their butts and their chairs with KLEENEX. I didn't notice the rapidly drying kleenex shrapnel adhering to their chairs or to their butts.

That is, until the end of the day, when one of the boys had already gone home (because he got kicked IN the eye at recess...that's a whole other story). I had a talk with both of their moms about this disprespect of school property! I told them that one of our tribes agreements is Mutual Respect: for ourselves, our friends, AND our SCHOOL. Both boys are probably in pretty big trouble tonight. Good!

That's not all that happened today to make it interesting! Where shall we begin?

How about with 'Jake?' Those stories are always good.

Today jake slammed his butt into his chair and said "Ouch, I hurt my {insert unknown spanish word}!" Then he looked around the room and proudly announced "THAT, everyone, is the SPANISH word for BUTTOCKS."

He also somehow managed to get his finger stuck in sentence linking cube during centers. I thought we were going to have to go to the firestation to get it cut off for sure! But luckily, after about 10 minutes of lotion, twisting, and blood-curdling screaming, he was free.

I had another interesting conversation today:
D: "One time the doctor pulled out my eardrum!"
Me: "The DOCTOR pulled out your EARDRUM?"
D: "Yes. And then he pulled out the rock, too!"
Me: "Why on earth would you ever put a rock in your ear?"
{enter E - straight faced, without skipping a beat}: "He didn't want to hear anything."

I swear, I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried!!!

The good thing about today is that my kids performed very well on their math benchmark test. After the sad outcome of the last unit assessment, I was very nervous about this test, the scores of which are reported to and analyzed by the district. This test was so tricky! I showed Kevin and he, again, couldn't believe that first graders are expected to do that stuff, especially so early in the year!

I was so worried about this test that I actually taught a ton of extra math for the last several days - like 2.5 hours each day - to review for it. We played games, completed a 50 question review packet that I made together, and did about a zillion math journal questions. The kids and I were so tired of math, but I guess it paid off!

Tomorrow is supposed to be our outdoor field trip to the arboretum, but it looks as though it might get rained out. This would be a very bad thing for a multitude of reasons. We'll see how it goes and roll with the punches! What else can you do?

Have a great night!

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Diana said...

OMGosh that is downright hilarious!
I teach second grade and have had some doosies too.
Like the time we planted roses- and I wanted to let some ladybugs out to eat the aphids...I brought the package of ladybugs to school and asked one little guy to please "put these in the fridge until we are ready to set them free"
Imagine my surprise when I went for my (much needed) diet coke and found THOUSANDS of ladybugs LOOSE in the fridge.....I'm still finding those little ladies all over my classroom and this was last spring!!!
I keep a journal, so one day I can submit it and become rich and famous. (LOL)