Monday, October 13, 2008

'Not Me' Monday!!!

I found this great blog online and she does this really cool "Not Me Monday" thing. It looks like fun so I decided to try it this week! Check out the original here:

Things I would never, ever do - and certainly did NOT to this week:

1. I definitely did not tell a little boy that he had a great imagination and then laugh as he replied “That’s because I removed the boulder from my imagination tank!”

2. I would never make a child throw away his show-and-tell simple because it consisted of three live bug wadded up in a tissue, waiting to make an escape. I am too good of a teacher for that.

3. I would never laugh out loud when a child proudly yelled out in the middle of my lesson that he 'touched his penis.' That's plain inappropriate!

4. I certainly did NOT lose a child last Tuesday when our superintendent was doing a site visit of our school. And then I would never make matters worse by loudly talking into the air phone right by my open door, saying that I could not go find said lost child simply because we had a "visitor" at our school that day. (cringe).

5. I did not get excited about red-ribbon week next week and the fact that I get to wear my Aggie jersey to school. I then definitely did not go try it on and notice the "XL" badge on the front, remembering that I had bought a youth XL to save $10 off of the adult small. I really, really, did not get my seam ripper and rip off the XL. I don't care if people mistake it for an adult XL, I know I'm not fat. Pshhh.

6. I promise I didn't get a piece of chocolate out of Paige's office every time I passed by.I watch what I eat.

7. I did not go out in my front yard on Saturday to take a picture of my halloween decorations. And I was not wearing my nightgown. And it was not 2pm.

8. I swear I didn't make too many cookies for our company Friday night and then throw the leftovers in the trash to keep my husband from gorging himself on them. And I would REALLY never lean over and SPIT on the cookies in the trash when he tried to dig them out. Our marriage is too healthy for all that!

9. I would never buy my dogs halloween costumes. It's cruel to dress dogs. And then, even if I did, I would never cram my dog's head into it after realizing that it was a size too small, just "for the picture."

10. I did not make enemies with my across-the-cul-de-sac neighbor guy due to my sarcastic, road rage - induced, driving actions...and my turbo.


Allmykids123 said...

Oh girl! Those are hysterical! You sound a lot like me. Found you on MckMama and wanted to stop in and say Hello. Love your blog!

Mandy and Jack said...

Love it!!!!