Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making money and embarrasing road rage

Today was a fun day!

I have a funny story for you. At school today the kids were working in groups and one of my little boys was being really bossy to his table group. I finally told him that if he wants to boss other kids around, he should grow up and be a teacher, and then if would be okay. He said that he would "NEVER, in a ka-jillion years, EVER be a teacher." When I asked him why he said that being a teacher would make him want to "kick himself in the throat." Then he said the funny part. He goes "And besides, I gotta get me some MONEY. Teachers don't get any." Haha. It's funny that kids know/think that so young!

Then I was actually able to leave school at 3:40pm!!!! That is actually 5 minutes before I'm even technically allowed to leave! I think I've paid that time many times over, though. So then I made it to Sonic happy hour at 3:57 (it ends at 4pm) and was able to get my large Diet DP with extra vanilla syrup for only 97 cents!!!

Then I was on my way home...which is when I made enemies with a neighbor that lives right across the cul-de-sac from me. :( Here's the story: I was on the home stretch of my drive. I was trying to get out from behind this really slow car in front of me in my lane. You know when people do that thing where they notice when you are trying to change lanes and then speed up to block you from doing so? Well that's what the blue suburban next to me did. So at the next light I swerved around it into the next lane, and when the light turned green I nailed it. With my turbo, I shot in front of them with no problem. Then I cut back in front of them and waved very "sweetly" and sarcastically.

As I turned into the neighborhood, the suburban also turned. That's when I realized that our neighbors have one that looks suspiciously like it. I held my breath as I turned onto our short little dead-end street. They turned behind me. Crap. Then as I pulled into my driveway my fears were confirmed. My neighbor, Bryan, turned the mean blue suburban into his driveway across the street.

Road rage is bad.

Kevin is not happy with me about this.

As I turned into the neighborhood,


Mandy and Jack said...

Ha... well they were being the jerks on the road first.

And oh, how I miss Sonic happy hour. I'm very happy for you!!

The Davis Duet said...

HAHAHA... that's funny. Bake some cookies (and by baking i mean, but the ones already cut, put them on a pan and put em in the oven) and leave them with a sweet note. lol. :-)

The Davis Duet said...

ps- we got sonic happy hour today... i didn't have any change so I went to put my CREDIT CARD in the machine to pay for my 80 cent drink and the credit card machine crashed and I got it for free! lol.