Thursday, October 16, 2008

Giving birth to 6,578 T-rex babies

Today at recess T gave birth to 6,578 T. Rex babies. He filled his shirt with rocks, laid down on the ground under the jungle gym, and proceeded to yell out in labor pains as he slowly dumped handfuls of rocks out of his shirt. He's a proud dad, too. Apparantly all 6,578 T. Rex babies are "surviving since they left the doctor."

Also, 'Jake' fell down the steps of the large metal slide. He didn't get hurt, so don't worry. You kind of had to see it to appreciate the humor. Emily and I were laughing so hysterically that we had tears streaming down our faces! He was all bundled up in his neon yellow hoodie with only his little pale face sticking out. Then here he comes, holding onto the railing on both sides, barreling down the steps, knocking his little butt on each one. The best was when he landed (on his feet), dusted his hands and butt off, and walked off like nothing had just happened.

I am tired. This week has been exhausting. Also, I'm teaching 4th grade Saturday school this week. And don't forget the babies on Sunday morning and the Christmas play kids on Wednesday nights starting next week. Talk about teaching overload! I figured out that I will be teaching kids of one age or another for 20 days straight without a break. At least I love what I do, right? Because I sure do a lot of it!

Kevin's working late tonight. I usually take that opportunity to go shopping, since I don't feel guilty about not being at home with him and it keeps me from being bored. Today I got a new pair of jeans! Now I'm going to go have a glass of wine and watch The Bold and the Beautiful that is recorded from this afternoon. I love my husband more than anything, but I enjoy my "me time" occasionally!

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Mandy and Jack said...

Oh my goodness. The t-rex babies cracked me up.

And I loved the description of the "me" time. I work normal business hours, and Jack works from about 2-10, so he and I spend most of our off-work time apart. (Well, I suppose we spend our at-work time apart too, now that I think about it.) The other day, I asked him if he liked spending the day time alone. "Yeah," he replied, "I kind of do." I was like "oh good! because I really enjoy coming home to an empty house after work too!!"

It's nice not to have to worry about anybody but yourself sometimes - and it sounds like you deserve it with ALLLLLLLL the time you spend teaching the kiddos!! WOW! :)