Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday School and other news

So this morning I taught my first Saturday school ever. I did 4th grade Language Arts and Reading. I was nervous to work with the older kids because I only have experience with the little ones.

How did it go, you ask? I LOVED it! I loved planning for it last night when I only had to worry about one subject and I knew that the kids would be more independent. I loved reading with kids who can read. I loved writing with them as they wrote at nearly the same speed I did, as opposed to slowly looking up at the board before copying each letter that I wrote. I loved using more complex language and examples. I loved at the end of the class when a few of them exclaimed: "We learned a lot today, Mrs. White!" Most of all, I loved going 3 hours without having to say any of the following things (common in 1st grade) even once:

-Get your hands out of your pants.
-Take your finger out of your nose.
-Get your hands off of his throat.
-Who peed on this rug?

It was a great day!

In other news, T's 6,578 T-Rex eggs hatched yesterday. We almost had quite a fight on our hands when Alexander tried to dump them out of their den (an old gatorade bottle) while laughing maniacally. Then apparantly their house blew up, but luckily all of the babies were at the doctor so they are still "surviving."

Also, I showed like 3 kids at recess the magic trick where you take half of your thumb off. Then the news spread and somehow I even had fourth graders today asking to see me take my thumb off! I also did some cartwheels with the boys, which was apparantly pretty entertaining for Mariel and Kelly, who were watching my foolishness through their classroom window.

I'll update later in the weekend! I hope you have a fantastic day!

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