Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Team Up Against Drugs!

As part of Red Ribbon Week, today was called "Team Up Against Drugs" and we were all supposed to wear jerseys or other team shirts. I, of course, opted to wear my Aggies jersey. Imagine my surprise when I walked into school and was greeted by my teammate wearing a (hideous) t.u. shirt. And I used to like her, too... ;)

When all the kids arrived I was so pleased to see that all but two of them had worn sports shirts of some kind! They were so adorable. Here are a few pictures:

Here's our "tough sports guy" faces, as 'Jake' called it:


Dirk Nowitzki doing calendar math:

This is the funniest story! A little girl was wearing the exact same Aggie jersey as me and she was so excited! As you can see from the pictures, I was wearing my hair in (purposefully) messy pigtail bun thingies today. The little girl was looking for more ways that we were alike. She said "Mrs. White, did you make your own pigtails?"

When I answered that I had, she said "Yeah. Sometimes I try to make my own pigtails, too. I'm not very good at it either!" I was like.....um thanks. Haha. Here's a cute pic of us:

Tomorrow is camoflauge day - something about fighting off drugs. Yay!

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