Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our dogs' halloween costumes!

These are the adorable halloween costumes that I bought today at Petsmart for our doggies! They pretty much hate me for it, but I think it's worth it :) Kevin and I are going to sit out on our driveway with them to treat all the cute little trick-or-treaters!

Bella is going to be a bumble-bee!!!

Look at the little stinger!

Tex is going to be a devil!

I have a feeling it will be worn off the head, like so:

Our furry children, all dressed up for Halloween!

Only 19 more days!!!


Anonymous said...

bella looks so cute, her tail looks like a stinger though, and tex just looks so perfect, as predicted. they will have to go trick or treating. (at least in the coledesac)

Erin Voss said...

Cute doggies! I found your blog, and it looks like you're doing great! I miss you!