Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just what I needed :)

It seems like every time I start feeling frustrated with things at work, something happens that puts things back into perspective and makes it all worthwhile. Let me tell you about today!

I have been KILLING myself trying to get the little boy I've written about before, "D," to learn to read. He was in Kindergarten twice and could still not match letters with their sounds at the beginning of the year. Since the kids are supposed to be reading 20 words per minute by January, he is waaaay behind. Our CRS has been working with him in a small group daily, he is one of the few first graders with access to Imagination Station, a reading recovery computer program, and I am still also working with him in a small group setting daily.

Today we were working on sight words in our reading group. D actually knew some of them! And the ones that he didn't recognize he tried to sound out. Yes, you read that right, the kid SOUNDED OUT letters to read words! Not ONLY was he able to recognize the letters, but ALSO match their sounds to them and blend them into words! Every time he read even the smallest word I made a HUGE deal out of it and about how smart he was! He was saying "Yeah, I know I'm smart now!" The coolest thing was that the other kids in the group, who of course knew way more words than he did, were so supportive and encouraging as well! One little girl even said "D, I am so proud of you for being so smart!" It almost brought tears to my eyes; this is the kind of classroom I have been striving to have - supportive, caring kids working together.

So then I gave D TWO stickers, one for each hand. Another little girl came up to me and tattled that D thought he was "smarter than her." I assured her that she was just as smart, but explained to her that we should let D feel extra special because of all the new words he read today. I asked her if she would help me make him feel special. She agreed, walked over to him, and gave him a HUGE hug and a high five. Again, are these kids amazing or what? At 6 years old to be able to do that for another student, seriously.

I turned my back to go get E (the girl) a sticker, and by the time I was walking back over to her, D had already given her one of his stickers, saying that she was smart and such a good friend and he would share. Wow.


Then this afternoon we had the most awesome assembly ever. It was this guy doing digital mixes of music and sounds, and teaching the kids about using technology in music and entertainment. He was so talented and so funny with the kids! He made a mix using weird sounds that different kids made into the microphone and played it for us. He turned the sounds into drums and all kinds of other things. Then he called up 8 kids to dance in the front of the cafeteria, with the WHOLE school watching. 'Jake's' hand shot up so fast when he asked for volunteers. I stood up behind him and pointed to him so he would be called on, and he was. OMG it was so funny. I laughed until I cried and my sides hurt. That little boy has some MOVES, let me tell you. He was down on the ground break dancing and his little feet were moving 100 mph. I wish I had a video of it. Then afterwards I held him on my lap for a few minutes until the program was over. I do my very best to make 'Jake' independent and 'grown up,' but sometimes I just need some 'Jake' love, lol. He always asks to hold my hand etc, and I usually say no, but I just couldn't turn down his sweet request to sit in my lap today. I love that kid.


In other news, Kevin is outside playing war with the neigborhood boys. Nice. We havent even had dinner because he won't put down his airsoft gun. And he's upset because the neighbor kid has three and they are "so much cooler than his." Haha. Boys will be boys I suppose. :)


Liz said...

Found your blog from MckMama's. You are so sweet and hilarious! I have a first grader, so I love reading all of the entries about school.....even if you are an Aggie! Boomer Sooner!
Liz from Oklahoma

Mandy and Jack said...

Oh my gosh, Meagan, the last part about Kevin playing with the neighborhood boys cracked me up. The kids in our neighborhood actually come over and ask Jack if he'll play. They have these marshmallow guns that they have wars with (among other games of kickball, etc.) The last time they came over to ask him to play, we were eating dinner. He looked at his plate of food, looked at me, and looked back at his plate of food. "Can I go!?" he asked, enthusiastically.

I guess having overgrown 10-year-old boys as husbands will teach us how to be moms. haha