Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I am so happy to have found this idea from an awesome blog found here:

Here are some of the things that I definitely did NOT to over the weekend or today.

1. On Saturday night when Kevin bumped into me and made me drop what I was holding, I did not jokingly yell out at him "Watch it you big oaf!" I definitely did not deserve it when he picked me up by my legs, through me over his shoulder, and tossed me onto the couch, either.

2. I would never let a play fight get out of control and run for the airsoft gun (the play gun that shoots out little yellow plastic balls which actually hurts more than you would think). Then I did not shoot my husband in the chest with it. And even if I did, I would not have run, laughing, into the bedroom, locked the door, and hidden the airsoft gun in the pocket of one of my skirts hanging in the closet so that he will never find it. Shh....

3. I did not "pants" my husband while he was carrying his full laundry basket into the living room this weekend. That would be so immature!

...Wow...if I really HAD done these things, which I didn't, it would sure seem as though Kevin took the brunt of them....

4. Remember the comment I made in my last post about trying a new thing with the pumpkin seeds? Well I actually did NOT try it and they did not turn out so DISGUSTING that even my chihuahua wouldn't eat them. And there has (really) never been another thing that she turned up her nose at :(

5. I did not tell Kevin that we needed to go to the grocery store on Saturday night to get a couple of emergency things, and then trick him into coming in with me, only to break the news that we should go ahead and do our semi-weekly grocery shopping. At least if I HAD have done this, it would have saved me a trip by myself on Sunday.

6. I did not scream like a little girl when T snuck up behind me before the other kids had come in from recess and yelled "Boo!" Then I did not get really broken up in laughter when I asked him why he would scare me like that and he answered: "That's just the kind of man I am."

7. I would never laugh at a child who, instead of working quietly in his desk like the rest of the class, decided to get down on his knees and walk around acting like a chicken. Even if it just so happened that it took me totally off guard and for some reason was so random that it was funny, I would never laugh. That would encourage future misbehavior.

8. I swear I did not force my husband to clean the house with me at 11pm on Sunday night because I am unable to get up and go to work in a good mood unless I start the week with a clean house. And then I did not claim that it was "his own fault for watching football all weekend."

9. I would most certainly NEVER take advantage of my 45 minute drive by jotting down my Not Me Monday items. EVER. That would be so unsafe!

What did you NOT do this week?

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Rebeckah said...

I totally understand the grocery store trick! Isn't it crazy how quickly we run out of groceries? It drives me crazy. I practically live there. I need to rent a room there. Hope you have a happy week.