Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm a SNITCH with PEE on my foot

Today was a hectic day! Let me just give you a list of the most noteable happenings to give you an idea:

1. I stepped in pee. I had my shoes off. The pee was on my beautiful brightly colored rug, on a yellow square. I might have the highest frequency of potty accidents (6) year-to-date in the school, and I don't even teach Kinder.

2. One of my boys ran out of the playground and into the street to retrieve a ball during recess. My heart almost stopped. Big trouble for him.

3. After asking my BEP child to return to his own class because he was distracting mine with his poor behavior during Math, he threw a HUGE fit. Then he started screaming and threatening to "hurt" me and my other students. I had to call the office to have someone come get him, since I cannot use restraint. He was finally removed from the class, but not before I was labeled a "snitch" and my kids were adequately scared to death.

4. A poster that I stayed late to work on yesterday after school got all tangled and mangled up in the laminator and had to be cut into shreds to be removed. Then I couldn't get a new paper to start over with during my planning period because there was testing going on in the room where the paper stays. I walked into the copy room to overhear the following conversation:
Emily: "OH NO. That's Meagan's. Has she seen it? Does she know yet?"
Maria: "No not yet [looks up and sees me]. But she's about to." That's when I saw the mess.

5. I got to school at 6:45am and left school at 6:45pm. I was trying to finish my report cards, since I'll be out of town this weekend and they're due early next week.

SO ANYWAY, that's my day. It's just good to be home. Kevin and I just had santa fe grilled chicken salads from Sonic and they were delicious. And now we're about to watch The Office. So it's all good. Plus I get to wear jeans tomorrow.

Oh, and here's the other really good news. Yesterday my kids were administered the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) test. They're expected to read a lot of letters, segment a lot of words into sounds, and read a whole lot of nonsense words (3 letter words in the cvc vowel pattern that are not real words). That's a lot for the beginning of 1st grade! We have been practicing and drilling so much to try to prepare for this test. They pretty much kicked butt and took names, and I could not have been more proud of them. They are so impressive - these teeny tiny little people just achieving so much. I was just full of pride and happiness :)

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