Saturday, September 6, 2008

Things 1st Graders are Scared of...

Yesterday we somehow strayed into the conversation of things that scare us. It was after I tried to make the class stop teasing 'Jake' about being scared of that book I wrote about the other day. I pointed out that we are all scared of things, and that that book is no different to him than sharks, or spiders, or in my case - garages, are to the rest of us. (BTW, they thought it was pretty hilarious that I am scared of garages).

They wanted to tell me some of the things they were scared of, and scary dreams that they had had. And since we had a few minutes before it was time to go to recess, I went with it. I was sure glad I did, because it was so funny!

Things my 1st graders are scared of:
1. clowns with swords
2. Rocks with "stone teeth"
3. ninjas
4. Dracula
5. dinosaurs
6. aliens from "powder space"
7. dead hands --what???
8. getting locked inside a car when there is a monster in there.
9. zombies
10. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

These are just a few; there were many, many more. Wouldn't you just love to jump inside one of their little heads for a few minutes and see where they come up with this stuff???


Van said...

I am scared of Kevin sometimes..does that count? LOL jk.

Mandy & Jack said...

Who's not afraid of Willie Wonka? That's one freaky movie.