Monday, September 15, 2008

Trip to San Antonio

This weekend Kevin and I spent the weekend with my family in San Antonio. We got up very early on Saturday morning and made the almost 5 hour drive without any traffic at all! We got there just in time to sit down with my mom, dad, sister Lindsay, and my grandma (who we all call "Mom") to have homemade breakfast tacos. Then we hung out for a while around the house. Kevin and my dad watched some football and me, my mom, and my sister had some girl time :)

Later we played games and went out to dinner, all 6 of us (even Mom)! We came home, played some more games, watched some TV, and went to bed late. We got up Sunday morning and went to church. I LOVE going to my church back home! It's where I grew up, and there are so many people who have had such big impacts on my life there. It is always wonderful to visit.

Since we both took the day off today (Monday), we were able to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening in San Antonio, too! We went to this awesome Mongolian barbeque place for lunch and then went home guessed it: more games! Haha. Then my dad and Kevin watched a considerable amount of football while my mom helped me cut out zillions of flash cards for my first graders.

Sunday night we went out to dinner (Alamo Cafe yummmmmmy) with Brian and Emily. Emily has been my best friend for...let's see...16 years now!!! We went off to different colleges in different states and, as always tends to happen, we have grown apart just a little, but I know that Emily and I will always have a special place in our hearts for eachother :) When we get together it's like no time has passed at all! I'm glad we have kind and patient husbands to put up with our giggling and telling of old stories! Here's a few pics of dinner:

Emily and Me

The four of us

Our men. They're so cool.

This weekend was amazing! I am so blessed to have an incredible family and fantastics friends. Tomorrow it's back to school for me! Apparantly today was not the best day with the sub, as I have already recieved emails from two parents inquiring about color changes and another two emails asking about the homework for tonight, as apparantly it was not clearly stated. Oh well...I'll fix it tomorrow!

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