Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kiss Your Brain!

Hi all!

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while; until today it has been a pretty rough week. My work computer crashed (blue screen of death) on Saturday...the one with all my first grade files and hard work on it. Plus my class has been pretty difficult. 'Jake' had his two worst days so far on Monday and Tuesday...these included an emotional breakdown in the library, many threats to run away from school, and constipation (don't ask). Plus my mainstreamed student from the Behavior class started attending my class on Monday. That puts me at 23 six year olds, and a few of them with special needs.

BUT now onto the good news...Today was so much better! First, someone finally showed up to fix my laptop. The girl took it to the shop and brought it back WITHOUT erasing a single thing! It was so wonderful. Then someone FINALLY replaced the light bulb in my document camera so it is once again convenient to use.

I also went in to school early this morning, because I was stressed about how much I had to do and I get the most done in the morning. I got to school before 6:30am -- way early for me!!! I was able to cross so much off of my to-do list though, and if you know me you know that that is my favorite thing to do :) Then, because I got so much done this morning, I was able to leave BEFORE 5:00 today!!!!

'Jake' had the best day he has had so far in 1st grade! He did not even get a single 'buzz card' (reminder) all day today; I didn't even have to threaten him with one, either. He wasn't the only one on better behavior, either. Today gave me hope for the rest of the year. My kids worked independently, they listened, they followed directions, they were respectful of me and of their peers... they were so great! Plus, I think that the best job in the world is one where, randomly throughout the day, kids come up to you and give you big, sweet hugs for no other reason than because they adore you. And you know what? I might just adore them, too :)

The one setback was definitely the "accident" than soaked through the pants, ran off the girl's chair, and made a puddle on the floor. Oh, to teach 1st grade...

Now about the title of the post: Kiss Your Brain.

If you're a teacher I'm sure you are familiar with the Dr. Jean music. Dr. Jean sings educational songs for kids to learn from, and also just silly ones. While we were working today I had one of her cd's on, and the song playing was called Kiss Your Brain. My kids could NOT believe that ANYONE would EVER kiss their brains. They are so literal at this age. They were so grossed out, and they were asking me if brains had germs on them, because they would not kiss them if they did. The terms "slimy," "stinky," and the disgustingnest thing in the world" were also used. I thought that was cute!

I hope your day was as rewarding and wonderful as mine :)

Talk to you soon,

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Mandy & Jack said...

Sounds cute, although I must admit I'm grateful to be working in a puddle-free environment! Jack has to deal with puddles in his taekwondo classes quite frequently as well. Ahh, the joys of teaching children.