Monday, September 22, 2008

The Nut Collector

Today after school 'Jake' was having quite the time giving me a run for my money. He was chanting, over and over, all of the things that he knows better than to do, and then doing them. For example: "Stand on bench, stand on bench, stand on bench..." Then he would stand on the bench, from which he would have to be physically removed. "Climb on bars, climb on bars..." Then he would climb on the bars, from which, guessed it....he would have to be physically removed from. "Push the button, push the button...." Then he would make a mad dash to the door bell thingy on the front of our school. I guess it's no surprise that he would have to be physically removed from that as well.

So then, after telling him that his backpack was his power supply and thus could not be removed (I know, what??? lol), I grabbed onto the little loop on the top of it and held on for dear life. Yes, I put the child on a leash of sorts. If you have a problem with it, come teach my class for a day and you'll change your tune :)

Only then, he REMOVED the power supply because he wanted to go hunting for some more pecans that have fallen off the tree above. The kid has so many pecans in every pocket of his backpack that he can barely carry it anymore. When I pointed this out, he told me that it is because he is "The Nut Collector." My principal later pointed out that I, in fact, am the nut collector. Which is actually quite true, and humorous. I collect nuts. I have 22 of them right now :)

So then he decided that he did not want to go with his nanny, Doris. Naturally, the thing to do when Doris parked her car down the sidewalk to wait for him was to jump behind me, wrap his arms tightly around my waist, and bury his face into me from behind. The problem here is that, at 6 years old, his face is at just THAT level. So here we go, walking like conjoined twins to his car. All the teachers and parents are watching this spectacle, by the way.

Then, when we got to the car: you guessed it. He had to be physically removed from my body and placed into the car.

What a day!!!

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Michelle said...

Thanks for is hilarious! I am glad you guys are doing well!